Purchasing a pool is a big decision. They’re usually a large investment for your household but they’re also a lot of fun! When making the decision to build a pool, there are a few things we think you should consider:

Size and Position

The size and position of the pool is where most people usually start when considering building a pool. The larger you choose to build your pool, the more expensive it will be, however, go too small and you might regret it later. If possible, positioning your pool in a place where it’s easily seen from the house, and not too far away will encourage you to use it regularly. Positioning it where there’s a good amount of sunlight on it through the day, but can also be shaded, also helps.

Chlorine or Salt Water

Most home pools are salt water based these days. Salt is cheaper to buy, it’s safer to have around the home, smells less and it tends to be less likely to cause red, stinging eyes. Using chlorine does tend to clean a pool faster, however, it does tend to be more expensive and also harsher on both your skin and your swimwear!

Filters and Pumps

There are a wide variety of filters and pumps out there, and you should talk to your pool builder about what they are recommending for your pool and why. Some are more expensive upfront, but significantly more economical in the long run.

Heating Needs

If you’re a regular swimmer, or you live in a colder climate, pool water heating may be an option you want to consider. There are four main heating solutions to consider; gas, heat pumps, roof-based heating and solar pool covers. Each has their own benefits and downfalls, which we’ll be expanding on in a future blog post.

Regular Maintenance

Your new swimming pool is going to require regular maintenance, for both water quality and pool cleanliness. Are you going to DIY and manage the pool chemicals and cleaning yourself, get a robotic cleaner to manage the bulk of the cleaning and simply manager the water quality, or will you outsource both the water quality and cleaning?

At Pool Gear Australia, we can help you make these decisions, by providing the friendly advice and expertise you need. Come and see our team at Burleigh Heads or Pacific Pines or give us a call!

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