Spending a fortune on chemicals and still not seeing results? Green or cloudy pools can mean lots of different things. It could be too much, or not enough chlorine or salt, phosphates, algae and even tiny bits of dirt and debris in the water causing the problems you’re seeing.

Rather than simply guessing and risking tipping the incorrect chemicals into your pool, or using a low quality, at home water-tester, we recommend you get your pool water tested by our Gold Coast pool cleaning experts. It’ll save you time and money in the long run. Our pool service professionals will be happy to guide you on exactly what you need to get your pool or spa sparkling again. Simply bring in a water sample or we’ll come to you!

Depending on your water sample results, we may recommend some of the usual additives, such as salt, chlorine or hydrochloric acid. However, in other scenarios, we might need to recommend something more specific such as:

Shock N Clear: This product is used to remove swimmer wastes and destroy any organic contaminants in the water. Regular oxidation will keep the pool crystal clear. Shock and Clear is designed for fresh and saltwater pools and is a blend of Stabilised chlorine and selected clarifiers which are applied through the skimmer box.

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser: Removes oils, scum and dirt build-up allowing greater filtration and thereby providing cleaner water. Increases the life of filtration equipment by eliminating pressure build up.

Bling: Bling clarifying tablets assist in the clarification of pool water through binding organic and inorganic wastes together. Bling clarifying tablets are a rapidly dissolving, single dose polymetric clarifier that can be placed directly into the skimmer basket.

Pool Floc: Pool Floc assists clarity by dropping unfilterable matter to the bottom of the pool floor for vacuuming to waste.

You might see these as an additional expense, however, a pool is a significant household investment. If you’re not properly maintaining this investment, the cost to repair it is higher in the long run! Come and see our team at Pacific Pines or Burleigh Heads to get the water test results you need to get the correct chemicals for your pool!

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