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Independent water testing and analysis; friendly local service and advice. Put your trust in Pool Gear Australia to provide quality products and services for your pool and family.

Residential Pool Servicing


A beautiful, sparkling pool is the greatest asset to any home. It can also be the biggest drain on your time and resources if your equipment isn’t running properly or you don’t have time for all the required cleaning and maintenance. We offer Gold Coast pool cleaning services, maintenance and repairs for all suburbs.

Real Estate Pool Servicing

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Save time and money with our FREE Independent weekly water testing, ensuring that you have superior water quality all year round.

Why preparing your pool for summer is the most important decision you will make?

For many homeowners their swimming pool is the jewel of their home that can hypnotize you every time you look at it. It is a feature that excites your family and lets you get away from the heat whenever the need arises. Hence, for homes as well as businesses, it is extremely important to ensure the continued cleanliness and maintenance of your pool.

Pool Gear Australia makes pool servicing on the Gold Coast very easy, quick, and cost-effective. We are professionals who have been enabling the pool owners of the Gold Coast to maintain clean and healthy pools without breaking the bank. We understand that every pool is different and with that every maintenance program would be the same.

Prepping your pool for summer could be the difference between having a good summer break or a great one. There is no doubt that your pool gets much more traffic during the warmer months and with the added traffic comes the need for more maintenance. It would be awful to have a party organised over the summer only to find that your pool isn’t able to be used due to poor maintenance and hygiene. If your pool water is not regularly checked for chlorine levels algae can form on the walls and floor of your pool. Not only is the algae ugly to look at it can also cause health issues for swimmers.

Keeping your pool in perfect condition with a custom solutions:-

Residential Pool Cleaning- Cleaning even a small pool can be a very painstaking job, or maybe you just don’t have the time. Our expert team will make it as easy as possible for your pool servicing on the Gold Coast and at a low cost. We respect the fact that you might want to look after your pool yourself and that’s ok, we can provide the chemicals, the right advice and you can maintain the pool yourself. If you prefer, we can look after the whole process for you with an onsite regular visit where our team will treat your pool like it was their own.

Commercial Pool Maintenance- We understand that maintaining a commercial pool in an integral part of running a successful business as holiday makers check out the pools before they get to their rooms. Our professionals coordinate with hotel/resort managers or body corporates to ensure that the pool is never out of action. We know the importance of your pool and will ensure that it’s in perfect condition all year round.

Pool Servicing on the Gold Coast you can trust

When searching for a team to look after your pool, you need to trust that they will provide you with the best advice and timely service. The team at Pool Gear Australia are Your Partner in Pool care and will offer honest, reliable advice and will ensure that your pool is at its best when you are ready to use it. Visit our shop in Burleigh, have a look around, ask a few questions, and we are sure you will be ready for the Pool Gear Australia experience.

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