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The Pool Gear Australia team have seen a lot of pools! With over 45 years of combined experience, we’ve seen Gold Coast resorts create perfect poolside havens for their guests. We know there are certain factors that will be sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces:

Poolside Beach Towels

Providing pool towels that widely available and by the pool when your guests need them, is a simple and thoughtful poolside experience. As a guest, either having to bring your bath towel to the pool or forgetting to bring the pool towel from the room isn’t ideal. Plus this is an opportunity to bring an extra bit of personality to your brand, perhaps with monogrammed, or striped towels that you wouldn’t otherwise have in the resort rooms.

Access to Food and Drinks

Although we never want broken glass in the pool, providing access to food and drinks (in plastic glasses) allows your guests to stay poolside for longer. We know that realistically, not every resort can cater to this, but if you can, we think a poolside café or swim up bar really adds to the Gold Coast resort experience!

Sun Lounges for Everyone!

Well, perhaps not EVERYONE…however, providing some sun lounges gives your guests a chance to really relax and recharge by the pool. Have a look at how many sun lounges are being used during your busy days – do you have enough? If you can’t provide more sun lounges, are there other spaces, such as grassed areas under trees, where your guests can still sit by the pool in comfort?

Crystal Clear Water

Nothing will damage a poolside holiday faster than cloudy water, or red, itchy eyes from the lack of chlorine in the pool! Keeping your pool water crystal clear is good for your brand and your guest experience. Should something ever breakdown with your pool, you need a team of trusted technicians to fix your problem fast!

As a preferred supplier of Gold Coast commercial pool maintenance for hotels and resorts, holiday apartments and residential complexes – we understand the issues and work as part of your team to protect your greatest asset. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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