The Pool Gear Australia team are lucky to see some of the best pools on the Gold Coast as part of our daily pool servicing adventures. Spotting the latest trends is all part of the fun, so if you’re wondering what great ideas you can implement for your new Gold Coast pool; here’s some of our current favourites.

Shipping container pools

A shipping container pool is a popular, affordable option that can often be installed quite quickly. They are a great solution for those who prefer to choose sustainability and with a variety of ideas for customising, they can be a unique feature in your backyard.

Sun shelves

These in-pool ledges are the ultimate solution for those who want to be in the water, without having to get completely wet. They are generally designed to be just deep enough to place a sun lounge or low table, without being submerged. For those with younger kids, this is also a great option for managing a supervised play area while they learn to swim.

Black pool finishes

A black or dark pool finish is generally created by using dark tiles to create a moody, more sophisticated feel that lighter colours just can’t achieve. As an added benefit (depending on your perspective) the darker finish also attracts sunlight, keeping the pool naturally warmer.

Eco-friendly pumps

Choosing an eco-friendly pool pump is becoming more popular, as homeowners balance the costs of electricity with a more sustainable lifestyle. Eco pumps tend to be made to a high quality than a standard pump, reducing replacement costs over time, as well as the month to month electricity costs.

Whether you’re building a new pool, or you’ve got an existing pool that needs some extra love and attention, talk to the Pool Gear Australia team today about your pool needs. We’re a local, family-owned business with shops at Burleigh Heads and Pacific Pines and we’d love to be Your Partner in Pool Care!

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