Wondering if you need a pool heater? Check out our guide for all your heating options

Are your kids obsessed with swimming? Are you? Although winter on the Gold Coast certainly doesn’t get as cold as it does further south, for those who love the pool, it makes sense to get a pool heater, for warmer water all year round! Although the days can be warm for most of the year, the cooler night time temperatures make it challenging to keep the water at an ideal swimming temperature.

When it comes to pool heaters, you have a few options to choose from, which should all be configured specifically for your pool. Depending on your pool needs and budget you can choose:

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a popular option, as they can provide heating solutions even when it’s not sunny. They are similar to an air conditioner, just operating in reverse. They work quickly to get the pool to your desired temperature and they are a relatively efficient option, especially when used in conjunction with a pool blanket. Heat pumps are made in a variety of sizes (kw) with the appropriate size dependent on the size of your pool, how many months of the year you want to heat the pool and whether you’ll be using a pool blanket.

Electric or gas heaters

Electric or gas heaters are often available in a larger size than a heat pump, so they may be more suitable for larger pools or resorts. Depending on the access you have to gas, they can be a faster, on-demand option to get your pool warmer. A gas heater can often get a pool warm overnight, so there isn’t the ongoing energy use compared to a heat pump which is often left on 24/7. As with heat pumps, these heating options are more efficient when also installing a pool blanket.

Solar heating solutions

Solar heaters use the energy from the sun to heat your pool, so they are more obviously suited to areas with plenty of sunlight. Luckily for many Gold Coast pool owners, our winters are sunny and bright, so this most cost-effective an be a great, eco-friendly alternative for GC pools. The challenge with a solar solution is that there needs to be sufficient roof space, without too much shade. Solar heating tends to be more effective for smaller pools, and again, benefits from being paired with a pool blanket.

If you’re looking for a warmer Gold Coast pool this winter, get in touch with our professional team today, to establish the best heating solutions for your pool.

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