Owning a pool is one thing, keeping it well maintained is another! There are a few simple steps we recommend all our household customers add to their home maintenance routine, to keep their pool sparking and clean.

  1. Depending on how regularly you use the pool (and whether pets are also swimming) you should test the water pH balance every week to fortnight. You can do this with a home test kit, or you can come in store for a fast, free water test. Over winter, assuming the pool is used less, you can safely reduce this to a monthly check.
  1. As part of this process, you should also check the chlorine levels, ensuring they stay between 3 and 5 ppm (parts per million). If your pool has a strong chlorine smell, this is generally a sign of not enough chlorine as opposed to too much.
  1. Do a sight test for leaves and other debris in the pool and scoop them out. Check the skimmer basket and empty it too. (Be careful to check for snakes hiding in the skimmer box!) Leaves and dirt can stain the surface of the pool, so even if you’re not using it, it’s best to clean them out.
  1. A professional water test is recommended monthly for a more accurate assessment of the water quality. Your pool technician will also make specific recommendations for your pool depending on the season and the size of your pool.
  1. Consider preventative maintenance, such as adding a pool shock, algae preventers and clarifiers to keep your pool sparkling and hygienic. Again, your local pool technician can help you with the required dosage for your pool, along with teaching you the steps to DIY.

For some homeowners, this is all too much, which is why our pool technicians can also come to you! Get in touch with our professional team today and your Gold Coast pool will be looking fine again in no time!

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