What are the most efficient ways to heat a swimming pool?

A gas pool heater with a solar cover is the best way to heat your pool quickly and efficiently. It is the same as heating your coffee in the microwave and then covering it with a lid. It does not matter how you plan to heat your pool. However, you should at least consider a solar cover to ensure that you are retaining the heat. Saving energy and money is possible when keeping your swimming pool at the right temperature for a longer period.

Listed below are some of the most efficient ways to heat a swimming pool

Use Heat Pump during daytime

In the case of an outdoor pool with a heat pump, the time of day when you run it plays a significant role in its efficiency. Since heat pumps obtain their heat from the air, it is best to use them when the temperature is at its warmest. The best way to achieve pool heating on the Gold Coast is to place your filtration system’s settings to operate at the time of the day when it is most generous. There is no better way to heat your pool than a heat pump because it will only work with water flow, mainly supplied by your filtration system.

Buy Heat Pump according to Coefficient of Performance 

Pool heating Gold Coast is possible when you utilize efficient and effective heat pumps. Heat pumps can be measured by their coefficient of performance, commonly known as COP. It is a ratio of energy output divided by the amount of energy input. In other words, the higher the COP rating of a heat pump is, the more efficient it will be. When comparing different heat pumps, it’s imperative to remember that the higher the coefficient of performance, the better the heat pumps.

Use Pool blankets to prevent heat loss

The primary source of heat loss in any pool is evaporation from the pool’s surface. There are a variety of ways to reduce evaporation. There are two types of Pool blankets. The first type of automatic deployment automatically uses a series of tracks and a motor to roll out the heavy-duty vinyl blanket over the pool’s surface. It is an expensive but highly effective device to achieve pool heating on the Gold Coast. They are excellent in terms of safety and efficiency. There is also a second type of blanket, which utilize a thin vinyl sheet manufactured with tiny air bubbles like bubble wrap on a large scale. By preventing evaporation, it effectively retains heat.

Use Windshields for Your Pool

The wind can create ripples or small waves on the surface of the pool surface if it blows at the pool’s surface. There is a direct relationship between heat loss through evaporation and the water temperature, air temperature, humidity, and the pool’s surface area. The water surface area of a flat, tranquil pool will be equal to that of the physical dimensions of the pool. Water evaporation is accelerated by ripples and waves on the pool’s surface, which increases the surface area of the water. The usage of a windshield will help reduce the amount of heat that is emitted by a swimming pool.   

Having a pool on the Gold Coast means you need a team of professionals who can assist you in keeping your pool water warm. Pool Gear Australia believes that we are the best pool shop on the Gold Coast, and we are professionals who can help you achieve the best pool heating on the Gold Coast in an effective way.

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