Is an inflatable spa the perfect addition to your home for winter?

Those searching for an inflatable spa on a budget will find inflatable hot tubs to be a perfect solution. Nevertheless, many buyers are concerned that the inflatable spas or hot tubs they wish to buy are properly insulated and whether they are energy efficient. You should probably consider getting an inflatable hot tub from a pool shop on the Gold Coast if you love soaking in hot water in a comfortable setting to enjoy your time in it. If you want to have a relaxing evening in your inflatable hot tub, you should start looking for one as soon as possible, especially during the summer season when many people spend their time outdoors.

Using an inflatable hot tub from Pool Gear Australia, you will be able to utilize it wherever and whenever you wish, and you will also be able to deflate it easily. In addition to the convenience of your inflatable hot tub, you can also store them just about anywhere and move them around the house as you please.  

Important factors to consider when choosing a Hot tub or Inflatable Spa

Types of Jets

There are a lot of features to consider when selecting a hot tub, but one of the most important is the jet. 

  • AirJets

These options are popular and most often used in the inflatable hot tub market since they are the cheapest to manufacture. The tinkling effect is felt on your body due to the massage, making you feel more relaxed. Nevertheless, the blowers can be quite noisy, and they can cool the water pretty quickly.

  • Hydro Jets/ Water Jets

It is rare to find an inflatable hot tub with water jets because of their high maintenance cost. Rather, they are frequently found in a built-in Jacuzzi that is conventionally constructed. A water jet system requires both a strong water pump and a high-quality water piping system. In contrast to the air jets, the Hydro Jets have a definite focal point, and the water jet applies direct pressure to a specific point on your body.


There are a few different inflatable hot tubs you can choose from your trusted pool shop on the Gold Coast. The smallest can accommodate two people, but the largest can accommodate six people. If six adults are seated together, you should be prepared to touch legs even when they are bigger. On the other hand, inflatable hot tubs are available in a large variety of sizes. Usually, the size ranges from 150 gallons to 300 gallons of water.


A durable and sturdy wall is an important characteristic of most inflatable hot tubs. In other words, the wall should be stable enough to allow one to sit on them or lean on them comfortably, and they will not budge. Most of these products are made of good quality materials; however, some are made of poor-quality material, so it is good to look for such products.

Heater Unit

You should not ignore this important feature of inflatable hot tubs because it is one of the most helpful features. Inflatable Hot tubs typically come with an external unit with a heater, blower, control panel, etc. 

When looking for an inflatable hot tub or inflatable spa, you should look for a pool shop and service team that you can trust. Having Pool Gear Australia on your team allows you to relax and enjoy the most important asset in your life. Pool Gear Australia offers commercial and residential swimming pool supplies on the Gold Coast.

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