Your pool has almost definitely been used less frequently over the winter months, despite how gorgeous the weather on the Gold Coast even in the cooler months. It might be quite tempting to gather the family up and jump into the pool if you have children, especially now that the weather has returned to normal. However, even if the water appears to be clean, it is critical that you set aside some time before the summer season begins to clean your swimming pool fully.

Ensure your pump is working

When it comes to your swimming pool’s filtration system, the pool pump is the brains behind the operation. Keeping your pool clean and compliant with health and safety requirements by conducting regular pool servicing on the Gold Coast is crucial. Ensure that the pump is running properly is the first stage in the process. Whenever in doubt, it is recommended that you schedule an equipment inspection with a professional pool care and repair company such as Pool Gear Australia.

Spring-clean your swimming pool

However, before employing a robotic cleaner, it’s always a good idea to give your pool a thorough cleaning and vacuuming before using it. As part of this process, you should thoroughly brush and vacuum the walls and floor, as well as any hard-to-reach spots such as stairwells and corners. Remove the leaves and organic matter from the skimmer basket and clean up around the pool to limit the number of leaves and organic matter.

Test your water for contaminants

Clearwater is not frequently associated with the concept of clean water. In every two weeks, for swimming pools at home, it is necessary to check the chlorine and pH levels to ensure they are within acceptable ranges (resort pools test several times a day). Water chemistry is important to learn since it will help you avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to your water. If you are unsure of what the figures mean, please bring in a sample to clarify the situation. Following your results, we at Pool Gear Australia are always happy to provide you with free, independent water testing for your pool servicing on the Gold Coast, as well as suggestions for pool chemicals and other balancing agents.

Safety equipment should be checked

The safety of your pool is your responsibility as a pool owner. Maintaining fences, gates, and child-resistant locks in good working order is required to comply with applicable state or territorial regulations. Make certain that your CPR signs are up, that you and your family are familiar with your pool laws, and that no gates or doors are propped open while you are away. Make sure to keep an eye on young children and keep them within reach.

Establish a regular maintenance schedule

The most efficient technique for detecting problems early and protecting your pool from equipment failures or water quality issues is maintaining a regular maintenance and cleaning program. Routine pool servicing on the Gold Coast should cover water chemistry testing, pump inspections, filter cleaning, and basket emptying can save you money by preventing the use of excessive chemicals and the need for costly repairs. For those in need of assistance, Pool Gear Australia can provide a huge range of services ranging from a simple Splash and Dash balancing to a complete Sand filter Change service.

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